Friday, July 29, 2011

Number nine

Finally finished scarf number nine! This must have been the third one I started... It is made of Novita Tico tico, and I used a number 3,5 circular needle. The pattern is no pattern, just knit the first and and last stiches front and back, yarn over, knit pull over. And purl back. It can get very boring... I then crocheted the edges and made little flowers to give it a pretty touch.


  1. Very pretty! My hands are itching to start something with my Tico Ticos...

  2. This was definitely worth all the effort!

  3. Hello, I've been following your blog for a while but have had no luck at all in the past commenting. I'm trying again because I do particularly love the look of this shawl and, sorry, was just wondering if you could explain that instruction? I don't quite understand it - that's probably because of my own inexperience at knitting shawls! - so am wondering how many stitches you start with, and if the "how to" is slipping the YO over the knitted stitch? Sorry to seem blonde (yes, I am!) but I just couldn't crack this.

    I think you're all amazing and I'm quite gobsmacked by the amount of knitting etc that you produce.