Sunday, February 26, 2012

Afghan finished!

 My granny square afghan is now finished, and I love it! The colors are bright and pretty, and it's perfect for my bedroom.
 Thanks to my fellow crocheters, this afghan was finished in no time. The most boring part was weaving the ends, otherwise I'd love to do it all over again. But hey, that's what we are doing, I'm ready for afghan no 2!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The squares for my afghan...

Had a hard time deciding the colours. Chrocheted a couple of colour examples and sort of decided already to go "autumnal" with the colours. But then chrocheted another square in different colours ... Finally my daughter said that we need more colour in our lives and we decided together that these are the colours then. My lovely new quilt inspired these colours, too!

Victory scarf in process

I also chrochet other things that granny squares! This scarf I started when watching my daughter play volleyball, and they won for the first time! Hence the name.

Trying to finish this in this month...

Flikka´s squares

This is my contribution to the first joint venture afghan! The squares are very addictive...

Another hat

This hat I also chrocheted in January, for my Grandmother´s funeral.

First grannies!

My first granny this year is this hat made out of five squares. for Flikka. The yarn is Novita Puro and I used a Number 5 hook. The squares are sewn together.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

48 squares

 Our first joint granny square afghan project has come to the stage where the squares for my afghan are finished and I've started joining them. I love the colors! Can't wait to have it finished!
Watching these squares is such color therapy that it totally makes up for the windy and grey weather outside.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first granny projects

I've started our "Grannies and friends" challenge with several projects. I wanted to make something for my friends' birthdays and got excited about Granny square slippers and small bags.

Yarn: 7 veljestä (ca. 90 grams for each pair)
Hook: 3½ mm
Comments: Really addictive!!!

I found so many different granny square slipper patterns in Ravelry, so I had to try another pattern. These slippers are made from 6 granny squares. The squares were supposed to be joined by single crochets, but I wanted more invisible seams so I sewed them.
Yarn: 7 veljestä (82 grams)
Hook: 3½ mm

I also made two bags using granny squares. I lined the inside with fabric and crocheted a flap using similar stitches to granny squares.

The one on the left has two granny squares joined by single crochets, the one on the right is one granny square folded in half. The yarn in 7 veljestä, and I used a 3½ mm hook.

I crocheted another pair of slippers for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. The pattern is so addictive that I'm contemplating making a pair for myself too.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ringing in 2012

Well, it's February already, but we have already started on this year's challenge, although we haven't been blogging about it. Last summer, we made an afghan for a retiring colleague, each of us making 16 granny squares and then working together to put it all together during numerous knitnics during a gorgeous Vaasa summer. The project was so fun that we decided to make three more during 2012 - one for each of us. This idea led us to the idea for our 2012 challenge. We've challenged ourselves to make 12 projects based on granny squares (and related crocheted modular units): grannies and friends.

Flikka's afghan is the first of the three, and here are the squares I made for her with the yarn she chose and provided. I can't wait for my turn!