Saturday, December 21, 2013

My last one

My boyfriend was in desperate need of new socks, because his old ones were way beyond repair. So I quickly knitted him a pair of basic socks, as a sort of early Christmas present. Here they are:

The yarn is Nalle kukkaketo and needles are 2½mm.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Number 12

Actually, I already have the pair #12, too. Knitted a pair of red and white striped socks for the niece of a friend, but forgot to take a foto... Do they count :) ?

Socks number 11

Quite surprising, actually, that these are the socks number 11 this year! They are for a nephew for Christmas. Again, basic sock pattern, needles number 4, the yarn is Harmonella täyskampalanka, spun in Teuva, Suupohjan kehruutehdas oy. Really no idea any more where and when I bought it... :-) The stripes in blue are Novita seitsemän veljestä.

Pirkko´s retirement socks

These christmasy socks went for a very nice person who is a former neighbour of my parents and just retired after 45 years for the same employer!
Basic sock pattern, Novita seitsemän veljestä and a silk ribbon.

Socks for Elsa

My daughter wants to wear thin wool socks, so I knitted her some. The blue ones are toe-ups, I used a Regia sock yarn and my finest hight tech carbon fibre needles - perfect fot knitting socks!

The red-and-green ones are Novita Nalle, basic sock pattern. I suppose there are not going to be any Christmas socks for Elsa this year!

Slippers for X-mas

I suppose these slippers are the only thing I managed to do well in time... The yarn is Novita seitsemän veljestä, I used a number 4 hook for crocheting. The pattern is in the Novita sock magazine.

Socks for a friend

These socks I knitted for a friend as a thank you. She helped me in the summer as my daughter had her confirmation. I used Gjestal Spire, a thin wool, and 2,5mm needles. The pattern is from the Novita sock magazine.

For some reason I can´t get the foto "up"...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Socks for Christmas

My sister-in-law asked if I could knit her a pair of socks, and I was more than happy to do that. The socks needed to be almost knee-high, but otherwise I could decide the color and the pattern myself. So I decided to make these lace socks:

Yarn is plum-colored 7 Brothers, 3½ mm needles, pattern: Novita sukkalehti, size 39, consumption: 151 grams
I like the pattern, the lace pattern was easy to remember and they were quite quick to make. Or I had time to make them when I had the flu and stayed at home and rested.

Here you can see the lace pattern more clearly:

I like the fact that the lace continues in front all the way through.

I also knitted another pair of socks for my niece who is 2½ years old. I did some research and concluded that size 26 socks would be ok for someone her age.

Basic socks with stripes
The yarn is 7 Brothers and 7 Brothers stripes, 3½ mm needles, yarn consumption 56 grams.

I hope they fit. These will be a Christmas present for her.

Edit: I just calculated that I only have one pair left for this year's challenge. These socks were number 11 and 12.