Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starting with Grey Lace

I finally finished my first scarf, had started it a while ago, but other projects took my time. The lace pattern was really easy to remember, could be a good first lace project. The pattern is from Novita spring 2010, yarn is Novita Rose Mohair and the needles are 5 mm. It took 130 g of yarn to make this scarf. I've started my second scarf as well, and the pattern is really addictive, but again other projects seem to take my time at the moment...


  1. I love this scarf, so pretty!

  2. Lovely! Might have to put this pattern in the queue, although I'm not a Rose Mohair fan...

  3. The original yarn was Tico Tico, but I had Rose mohair in my stash and grey works well with my coat.