Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Old Finishes and a New One

I acquired (as gifts and through de-stashing) tons of Patons Classic Wool yarn from my mom and my aunt over the holidays, and I think that I'm going to make a series of mittens in a variety of neutrals. For the first pair I modified SpillyJane's Quo Vadis pattern.

I don't think these count towards the 10 for 2o10, but I did finish two other pairs of mittens this weekend. The white lovikkas I started in 2oo8, and I just had to weave in the ends and do the embroidery. The grey ones were also started in 2oo8 and needed thumbs. I'd like to embroider something on them in yellow (there are little flecks of yellow in the yarn), but will wait until I decide who to give them to first!

1 comment:

  1. These are all so pretty! I´d love the pattern for the brown ones...