Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Couch

Not for psychotherapy, but thanks to a bum ankle. The plus side is that it's a great excuse to knit! I finished my first two pairs of mittens, both from Robin Hansen's Favorite Mittens.

The first are the striped mittens, according to Hansen, a common pattern in Maine and Gotland. The yarn is from Peace Fleece, purchased at Purl Diva in Brunswick. They're a little large for me, and I might try to shrink them a little.

The second pair are thrummed/drummed/stuffed - very warm, but a little small for me. These went really quickly! The natural yarn is from Replot; I would use something a little thicker next time, but it was nice yarn to work with. The pencil roving is also Finnish.

The next pair I'd like to try from Hansen's book is the Rolled Mittens. I might even try to learn to knit 'American' for that project!

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