Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first granny projects

I've started our "Grannies and friends" challenge with several projects. I wanted to make something for my friends' birthdays and got excited about Granny square slippers and small bags.

Yarn: 7 veljestä (ca. 90 grams for each pair)
Hook: 3½ mm
Comments: Really addictive!!!

I found so many different granny square slipper patterns in Ravelry, so I had to try another pattern. These slippers are made from 6 granny squares. The squares were supposed to be joined by single crochets, but I wanted more invisible seams so I sewed them.
Yarn: 7 veljestä (82 grams)
Hook: 3½ mm

I also made two bags using granny squares. I lined the inside with fabric and crocheted a flap using similar stitches to granny squares.

The one on the left has two granny squares joined by single crochets, the one on the right is one granny square folded in half. The yarn in 7 veljestä, and I used a 3½ mm hook.

I crocheted another pair of slippers for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. The pattern is so addictive that I'm contemplating making a pair for myself too.

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  1. You totally hooked me (bad pun totally intended) with those lovely slippers - almost finished with my first pair - photos to come soon!