Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beyond Eleven

I seem to have bought yarn for more than 11 projects along the way this year, so I'm going to keep going until Christmas with the shawl/scarf theme. A long cowl counts, right? I made this one last weekend out of Novita 7 Brothers and Novita Silmu with a 5mm needle. I cast on 180 stitches. This was so fun and easy, I think I'm going to make two more!

I also finished up two crocheted projects while traveling in Latvia and Estonia a few weeks ago. The first is number 12B with a bordered added. It's a combination of 200g Araucania Ranco Solid (black and grey) with Novita Tico-Tico as the border. I could have made it even larger, but ran out of yarn.

The second is a Queen Anne's Lace scarf made from Patons Classic Wool and a 4mm hook. This pattern was very addictive and would make a great last minute gift!

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