Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Number 10: Holden shawlette

This shawl has been long in the making, not only because of the pattern, but because the yarn was so thin. But now it's finished, and just in time for our colleague's retirement party tomorrow.

The pattern is called Holden shawlette, but I made quite a few more repeats because the yarn I used (Malabrigo Lace) was so much thinner than in the pattern. I used 65 grams of the yarn, so just over one skein. The shawl is still fairly big, it's really soft and light. I used 3½ mm needles. I might do this again with thicker yarn, I love the lace and the picot edge.


  1. What a gorgeous pattern - and color! I'm sure she loved it.

  2. This was just incredible in person - so light and airy!