Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tvåändstickning and more

Finally figured out the tvåändstickning, with the help of Michi´s video and Hedgehog sitting by my side telling me what to do next.... I intend to knit a hat using this technique, now that I finally know how it works!

Here are the results of the mitten knitting:

The grey ones are the original Solf-vantar, the pink ones are something my daughter wished for herself. She was not sooo excited about the grey colour, but she found the pattern nice. I have to say that I am surprised how well the pattern works with these yarns with many colours.
I also managed to knit something of Novita Seitsemän veljestä Colori. They were quick to knit, but these are for someone with small hands. This pattern is on the reverse side of the label.

Visited a friend in Iisalmi a couple of weeks ago and knitted these there:

They are made of Novita Puro, this colour is Iltanuotio - Evening fire. They are nice and soft, maybe too soft for mittens.

My next project is reproducing something I got as a present about 15 years ago. We´ll see how that project turns out...

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  1. Yay! So exciting to see so many finishes! Love the pink Solf mittens - have to start with another one of the patterned Nalles as soon as possible!